Minimalistic App suite to cover all the basic day to day tasks.


The advent of low-power tech devices is inevitable. The use of linux on such devices is also inevitable. However, with most of the applications actively catering to the most powerful of the personal devices, the number of common applications which are built to work on these low end devices is quite less. This leaves the likes of R-Pi running a malnourished UI with bad looks or having only high end devices running linux OS like Ubuntu Touch. With the likes of KDE and GNOME taking top spots on high end laptops, we have a lot of void at the lower end. Filling in this void is the C-Suite Application suite by CuboCore Group.

  • All the apps are light with lesser dependencies and uses less ram.
  • Bookmark support across the all apps makes your important files to link in one place.
  • All the apps are touch-friendly, suitable Phablet and Tablet and we are working towards that.
  • Apps use the precious vertical screen real estate properly. Shows what you need, use the screen on the items what’s matter to user.
  • We introduced a feature called Session in CoreStuff app. You can select some apps with argument and give a name to make a session. Then double click the session to open all the apps with the given argument.
  • All the search you done will be saved as Search Activity. Also you just double click that Search Activity it will show the result from that folder which you searched before.
  • Recent Activities in CoreStuff will show all the app you opened with the file. Just double click that, it will restore the app with that file you working with before.
  • Don't worry you can clear the both search and recent activities.
  • We try to keep the code standard to C++17 and keep it clean and tested in Qt latest release.
  • All the apps can run in low resource device like Raspberry Pi and device with out hardware acceleration.


Pictures taken at C-Suite v2.9.0 release.

CoreImage in mutantC CoreTerminal in mutantC CoreStuff in mutantC
C-Suite in mutantC


C-Suite in PostmarketOS

Release v4.4.0

This Version 4.4.0, Released on Tuesday, August 02, 2022. More than 20+ changes and bug fixes. Here are some highlights of this release.

  • Moved C Suite default settings to each app for the better support in several device types.
  • Improved device type recognition in LibCPrime.
  • Added German and UK layout, ablity to change the layout and keyboard type from tray icon in CoreKeyboard.
  • New option to start CoreKeyboard in minimized mode in tray icon.
  • Added zoom fit in zoom normal button with alternative click in CoreImage.
  • Improved CorePad UI to fit small screens and added font size zoom in/out using mouse scroll and shortcut.
  • More checking for undoable changes for the selected files to rename in CoreRenamer.
  • Add Text feature UX is improved and added new option to rename file manually in CoreRenamer.
  • Fixed CorePDF crashes when opening password protected files and added to zooming with Ctrl + Mouse Scroll.
  • Fixed CoreTerminal crash when clicking the search while in serial terminal.
  • Add support for setting TERM env variable and startup size specified in characters and snap size during app window resize.
  • Easy to use UI and UX for CoreShot.

Get C-Suite Flatpaks from here.

For more check out the full Release Notes and ChangeLogs.

Please consider reporting bugs in Gitlab issues.