Streamlined design across Devices with less stress on Hardware

Experience your device to the fullest with a familiar design and workflow that here to stay. PaperDE dose not take much Ram or CPU, yet it works and looks great on any hardware from Desktop, Tablet, Mobile and anything in between. It's light, fast and easy to use with both Mouse and Touch.


Customize the WidgetsView by adding your preferred widgets. Currently there are 16 widgets and many more to come. You can call the WidgetsView and it will show up floating on top of the current window you are working, so there is no distractions.

Widgets View
PaperDE Widgets View
Widgets View
PaperDE Dock Bar


Easy to access, always there floating dock. Keep your favorite apps pinned for easy access. Navigate the OS with simple 3 buttons, Home page, Apps page and Task page. Also Logout button is always visible in the DockBar. Don't worry you can place the DockBar in bottom also.

Navigate with one button on touch screens

Some devices have small screens and hard to click those buttons, also not much space to have 3 big navigation button like Android. So why not use one button to do all the navigation in OS. One tap to open Apps Page, 2 tap for showing running tasks. And hold the button to move it different place. We tried to use the landscape view to make use of all the space, not like others where they stretch the UI of portrait in landscape mode and that looks ugly.

A wayland DE

Wayland, PipeWire and Qt6 All the new technologies

PaperDE made from ground up using all the new technologies. Yet it runs in old hardware and takes benefit from new devices like high res display, touch etc. It's based on Wayland with Qt Toolkit and Wayfire as a Window Manager.

Release v0.1.0

This Version 0.1.0, Released on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Here are some highlights of first release

  • DockBar and WidgetsView fully works.
  • Settings app's Personalize page fully works.
  • Supports widgets from C Suite.
  • Power indicator works correctly.
  • And many more changes and fixes to support Qt 6.

For more check out the full Release Notes and ChangeLogs.

Please consider reporting bugs in Gitlab issues.